NOV FIDMASH: to meet customer needs in online mode


The 10th NOV FIDMASH’s Conference on Operation of CT Equipment, Cementing, Pumping and Nitrogen Machinery and Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment is now over. This event which has already become traditional has such a lengthy title due to the simple fact that NOV FIDMASH develops and manufactures similarly wide range of equipment for cutting-edge high-tech gas and oilfield service and as a result has an undisputed reputation of a leading manufacturer of machinery of this kind in the post-Soviet area.

The anniversary event was held on April 23–24, 2014, in the conference hall of hotel Yubileiny in Minsk. And though the venue long ago became traditional it is deeply symbolic that the conference celebrated its anniversary in Yubileiny (which in Russian means ‘anniversary’). Over the 15 years of the existence of the project and the 10 consumer conferences NOV FIDMASH has formed around itself an informal circle of the consumers of its products, a kind of open club of like-minded people adherent to new technologies in gas and oilfield service and ready to perform most risky operations being confident that the machinery they have for such purposes is absolutely reliable and highly efficient. Such confidence is strengthened by their own experience in operating various machinery and systems which they willingly share with their colleagues during such conferences. This experience is annually reinforced by new knowledge about the models that have been put in service and upgraded.

Communication of such information is the very purpose of NOV FIDMASH’s consumer conferences which can be considered to be a unique form of work with consumers which produces a combined effect from formal and informal intensive communication between specialists. It can be called uninterrupted two-day collective brainstorming.

The conference was opened with a welcome speech by Ms. A.B. Lapatsentava, Managing Director of NOV FIDMASH. She thanked the delegates for the attention they paid to the event and, specifically, she said, “Such meetings are very important for our plant because they show that there is undiminishing great interest in our products and in what we do and how we do it. Consumer conferences allow us not only to assess the achievements but to derive inspiration for new ideas. As a result we get a chance to show a holistic picture of the platform we have been standing on since the start of our project. The feedback we receive here helps our company confidently move forward instead of standing still. Here we want to present the machinery we manufacture today and tell you what we plan to introduce to the gas and oilfield service market in near future. I’d be very grateful if our colleagues engaged in active dialogue. We want to meet your needs in real-time mode – online.”

A.B. Lapatsentava introduced her colleagues at NOV FIDMASH and other companies of FID Group underlining that specialization within the group – a special kind of “diversity” – makes it possible to simultaneously and concurrently solve a number of complex tasks which, according to the classical theory of management, is incomparably more effective that solving those tasks consecutively. Such system – multitasking – allows the company’s team to set ambitious goals and be confident that the solution will be found in the smartest way possible.

The agenda of the conference turned out to be intensive and diversified. The participants were presented with 16 reports on a wide range of issues including what is on offer today and what is being developed in the area of new technologies; customers’ experience in operating the company’s machinery; unique operations  which were successfully performed by using the equipment manufactured by NOV FIDMASH; training of specialists from gas and oilfield service companies to operate cutting-edge machinery; offers from financial institutions related to the purchase of expensive equipment; information support of high-tech gas and oilfield service and other important issues. It should be noted that the reporters were not only from NOV FIDMASH and FID Group but also from among the consumers – users of the equipment, representatives of leasing and insurance institutions as well as the research and application magazine Coiled Tubing Times which traditionally provides information support to consumer conferences.

The report Present-day offers of NOV FIDMASH for gas and oilfield service was given by Mr. Y.V. Belugin, director of Sales and Promotion. He gave the conference participants a brief overview of equipment for downhole treatment and well stimulation with the focus on the main product groups manufactured by the company, i.e. coiled tubing equipment, systems for hydraulic fracturing, injection equipment, downhole equipment and tools.

NOV FIDMASH manufactures three classes of coiled tubing units: light (MK 10), medium (МК 20) and heavy (МК 30, МК 40). The attendees were given information about the purpose of each class as well as the technical characteristics of the most popular units: MK10T, MK20T, MK30T(10х10). It was specifically noted that the company aspires to be in step with the time and that the design engineers when developing improved models take into consideration the changes that are observed in the market of oilfield services, such as greater depths and more complex structures of the wells where operations are carried out. In particular, new units can be equipped with CT reels with higher capacity and an improved injector. There is an ever growing demand in the market for powerful coiled tubing units capable to work at the depth of 5000 m or more. Consumers of NOV FIDMASH products have already had an opportunity to appraise the advantages of one such unit – MK30T.

The reporter expanded on injectors and placed particular emphasis on the new development – series-235 injectors with the pull capacity of 36,200 kg and the pushing force of 18,100 kg, designed for working with coiled tubing with a diameter of 38.1 to 50.8 mm. Blowout preventers weren’t neglected either – their BOP line had been expanded – and neither was auxiliary equipment (a system for spooling coiled tubing, well sites, wellhead assembly equipment). NOV FIDMASH also offers a new type of  logging system which can replace the logging system of previously issued models.

The injection equipment was represented by the pumping unit H504 with a compressor and an oil heater. It can be mounted on a semi-trailer but among consumers the main demand is for the modular pumping unit.

Y.V. Belugin introduced the consumers to the nitrogen system A100 which can also be modular and a new development – the nitrogen system A300 for hydraulic fracturing which is mounted on a transporting chassis and converts liquid nitrogen into gas.

Cementing equipment was represented by the cementing unit HC1000-11/two-pump system. Our magazine referred to it in more detail in our previous issue (No.47).

NOV FIDMASH produces a complete package for hydraulic fracturing on a turn-key basis which was particularly emphasized. The package includes pumping units, a mixing unit, a control station, a manifold machine, a system for transportation and dosed supply of proppant, and a hydration unit.

The quality of NOV FIDMASH products is assured by the company’s certification and its quality management system’s compliance with the international standard ISO 9001 API (American Petroleum Institute) standards and regulations. The company also offers comprehensive phased training of the customer’s personnel including training of the machinery crew, series of lectures on the technology basics and on-site job support.

One of the competitive advantages of NOV FIDMASH is well-functioning after-sale service of each unit of manufactured products during their whole operation life.

Mr. A.M. Volkov, Director of the Service Department, made a report on the Special aspects of effective operation of NOV FIDMASH equipment in which he provided detailed information about typical operating errors, ways to avoid and to eliminate them. The reporter covered general issues related to the company’s systems and units (operational documentation, quality of diesel fuel and hydraulic oil, welding jobs, improper operation), general operation issues and specific issues related to the operation of the chassis manufactured by MAZ and MZKT. Special emphasis was also made on well equipment installation errors and issues arising during equipment operation, both general and specific, such as those related to CT reels, the operation of the injector, the preventer, the pumping and the nitrogen units). Consumers received general recommendations which will facilitate more effective and failsafe operation of complex machinery and ensure minimization of the proverbial human factor. Essentially they are very simple: you need to strictly follow all types of maintenance procedures and their periodicity, operational requirements reflected in the relevant manuals as well as to improve the skills of the specialists working with complex and expensive equipment. The manufacturer is ready to help with this as it regularly holds consultations for customer’s specialists on the special aspects of the operation and maintenance of the systems and units.

From here on the agenda was dedicated to the company’s specific developments and their operation experience.

The report on SKR43-20 Logging System was given by Mr. A.N. Davydov, leading electronic engineer. He provided detailed technical characteristics of the system, described its capabilities and operational principles. Special emphasis was placed on high ergonomics of the new logging system, its graphic interface and user friendliness. Particular attention was given to the software including the data visualization program  SKR Monitor and the file viewing system SKR Archive.

Mr. V.V. Poltoran, a design engineer, made a report on Nitrogen systems A100 for coiled tubing operations, in which he took on and further expanded on the topic started by Y.V. Belugin in his report. He described the main types of operations performed using nitrogen systems, the configuration and operational principles of the cryogenic nitrogen (evaporative) system, the technical characteristics, the purpose and the capabilities of the nitrogen systems manufactured by the company.

Mr. S.A. Sergiyenia, head of the Management Control Department, reported on New equipment offered by NOV FIDMASH:  A300 designed for operating as part of the hydraulic fracturing fleet; FM236 injector with a maximum pull capacity of 36,200 kg and a maximum pushing force of 18,100 kg designed for operations with 38.1, 44,45 and 50,8 mm coiled tubing and the coiled tubing unit MK30T-30 mounted on the chassis manufactured by MZKT or by MAN.

The report on Equipment for hydraulic fracturing manufactured by NOV FIDMASH. New solutions and offers was given by the company’s leading design engineer Mr. D.V. Polubinski. The reporter gave a detailed description of the characteristics of each components of the complete hydraulic fracturing fleet manufactured by the company. New solutions received particular attention. As far as the frac blender is concerned, the semi-trailer was upgraded, two expandable augers were installed which allows for the access of at least two proppant transporters and smooth supply of the proppant; if necessary, auger tanks can be combined into one; a 0.6m3 blending tank was installed. A telescopic operator’s cabin with a retrievable top was installed in the hydration unit. A triplex windshield was installed across the whole length of the cabin along with a drainage system, electric wipers and a demisting fan. An autonomous (diesel type) air heater was installed inside.

The new control system has ergonomic and easy-to-use touch-screen displays. The system has also new pump control panels and a data collecting computer system with displays which ensures informative visualization of the process and frees workspace; the light pole is equipped with diode spotlights which saves 3.5 kW of electrical energy and when the power is supplied by the diesel generator one-filling fuel capacity increases; a system for maintaining the required temperature within the workspace of the wagon  in cold weather which stabilizes the operation of the electronic systems; the battery capacity has been increased which ensures longer computer operating time in case of power supply failure; the furniture is manufactured from such materials as aluminum and plastic which increases its reliability and durability; there is also a pocket door between the main compartment and the chemical lab ensuring greater comfort of the workspace.

On our part we would add that most of the improvements aimed at increasing the ease of operation of equipment are the result of communication with consumers and creative implementation of the feedback received during consumer conferences.

CT workover efficiency and experience. Maintenance service system was the title  of the report by Mr. A.M. Verigo, commercial director, and by Mr. D.V. Klimovich, head of the Service Department, MashOil. The company was founded in 2011 to provide a full range of maintenance services to consumers in the Russian Federation and is an official representative in terms of maintenance services and supply of spare parts for the equipment manufactured by NOV FIDMASH; the company provides guarantee and post-guarantee services for NOV FIDMASH equipment, and performs start-up and commissioning and training of customer’s personnel in operational procedures and equipment configuration. The company also carries out workover of the previously manufactured equipment and its upgrading and makes door-to-door delivery of original parts and imported components as well as coiled tubing. The reporter gave a detailed account of the efficiency and experience of workover and modernization of coiled tubing units, ways to improve the design of CT modules and systems and forms of cooperation with the customers. The reporter gave typical examples of the equipment condition during the first years since its manufacture as well as the examples of unit and system upgrading by using eloquent before and after-pictures.

A number of reports were presented by the representatives of other companies of NOV Group.

Mr. S.A. Atrushkevich, chief design engineer and first deputy director of CJSC Novinka, made a report on Main areas of the development of arrangements for directional drilling and well stimulation. Real-life implementation experience. This technology is extremely promising in the context of intensive development of sidetracking market. The speaker reported on the systems of directional drilling with hydraulic and electrical communication channels and on the equipment for water and acid jet drilling, radial drilling and high-jetting cleanout as well as offers for those oilfield service companies who intend to develop such technologies.

The report on the pumping preparation system KNP1 designed for the implementation of Recent development of equipment for enhanced oil recovery was given by Mr. N.V. Maksimovich. The report focused on the pumping preparation system designed for the implementation of the polymer water flooding technique. Mr. A.N. Zdrok reported on the Process control system and automation of modern gas and oil equipment. Examples of application.

The consumers of NOV Group equipment made reciprocal reports unveiling the capabilities of their companies’ equipment. Mr. V.S. Semenkov and Mr. P.V. Reviakov, representatives of Belorusneft, reported on Pilot testing of deep penetrating filtration channels under various field conditions in Belarus and Experience of running the logging cable through coiled tubing accordingly.

Mr. P.S. Demakin, director of Tatneft-LeninogorskRemServis, reported on the Applicability of foam fluids for hydraulic fracturing in the context of Romashkino Field. These unique and technologically complex operations are carried out using reliable and high-tech fraccing fleet manufactured by NOV FIDMASH.

Mr. R.Y. Igilov, commercial director of Technostroyleasing and adviser to the managing director of the insurance company Gefest, described how present-day financial instruments help purchase expensive equipment for gas and oilfield service and gain confidence in its safeguarding in his reports Investment projects in the oil and gas sector and Comprehensive insurance of gas and oil companies.

The project Coiled Tubing Times: magazine, website, conference was presented by the director for strategic development Mr. A.A. Pirozhkov.

At the end of the conference round-table discussion was held; below our readers will find the selected quotes.

Andrei Yershov, managing director, Ural-Design-PNP:

For high-tech gas and oilfield service we have three coiled tubing units. One of these days we are receiving one more unit – MK30T manufactured by NOV FIDMASH. When we select equipment we first of all take into consideration the customer requirements because the equipment characteristics have to meet them. We also take into account the feedback from the consumers. The next stage is value for money with focus on value, especially when the money is the same.

Oleg Cherpit, well puller,  Gazprom UGS:

Our company has many coiled tubing units. We acquired the first ones in 1999. We started cooperating with NOV FIDMASH last year. We purchased one more unit MK10T. Before the purchase we consulted with our colleagues who had been operating such units for a long time then. They gave only good references So, hopefully, our unit will be operating successfully as well. In future we plan to additionally purchase MK20. We do not need a more powerful unit of series-30 because our operations include hydrate thawing, well cleanout, testing, and cuttings removal.

Vladimir Pechenkin, deputy director of Kasimov Field, Gazprom UGS:

Our organization has four CT units, including one MK10T which performed beautifully. We work in four underground storages. In the last two years we performed 65 workover jobs in Kasimov Field using MK10T.

Igor Kovalev, director of the Department for Geology, Field Development and Well Construction Supervision, Gazprom Dobycha Kuznetsk:

Our company implements an investment project on methane recovery from coal beds. At the end of last year we drilled two horizontal holes penetrating the vertical hole of the previously drilled well. At present the wells are in the development phase. Obviously, well need a coiled tubing unit. During our visit to NOV FIDMASH production facilities we saw products of recommendable quality at a lower price than the one offered by foreign manufacturers.

Orimbek Nurzhanov, director of the Production and Technology Department, Office for Technological Transport and Well maintenance, KazMunayGaz:

It is our first attendance to this conference. We would like to purchase a series-20 unit and cementing equipment for plug operations. This market in Kazakhstan is open and we would like to penetrate it. When selecting equipment what we value most is quality and availability of spare parts. We considered offers from various manufacturers and found out that the equipment that suited us most is produced by NOV FIDMASH. We intend to purchase it.

Azamat Agumarov, managing director, Equipment Services LTD:

We are a start-up private service company. Horizontal drilling is actively developing in Kazakhstan. Such wells need to be developed preferably using coiled tubing. We intend to carry out similar operations and for this purpose to purchase a coiled tubing unit. That’s why we came here.

Denis Zakruzhny, category I engineer, Belorusneft:

Our company together with our partner, FID Group, implements new technologies in Belarusian  fields which are at the third-fourth stage of development. Practically all technologies mentioned during the conference were tested by us. Our company also provides services  in Russia. We have all FID Group innovations and they are all functional. It is very convenient to have in one’s own country a manufacturer of cutting-edge machinery especially if this manufacture is the leader in the whole post-Soviet area. I am not advertising, this is how it really is.

Pavel Reviakov, process engineer, BelNIPIneft:

Using FID Group machinery we are actively developing coiled tubing technologies including underbalanced drilling and creation of deep penetrating filtration channels. At present we carry out developments in the area of well geophysical survey using coiled tubing. We also try to develop jet perforation.

Yuri Tarkin, deputy director of Production Support, Ufa Department for Wire Line Operations and Workover:

Our range of available equipment is very wide. We have over 90 well service and workover teams, six coiled tubing units – series 10 and 20. By June we plan to increase the number of teams to 200 and to have 15 CT teams in addition to those already in place by the end of the year. That’s why we are very interested in the new developments of NOV FIDMASH. Value for money is very important to us, as are leasing offers because it is very difficult to purchase so much equipment at once. With the expected increase of the volume of work our need in coiled tubing units will increase even more!

Ruslan Igilov, commercial director, Tekhnostroyleasing and adviser to the managing director of the insurance company Gefest:

There is a distinct upward trend in the market for coiled tubing units and hydraulic fracturing fleet. Seeing great interest in NOV FIDMASH products shown by oilfield service companies from various regions in Russia and CIS we are ready to discuss joint projects with all who are interested in purchasing equipment. And I wish further success to NOV FIDMASH!

The anniversary 10th NOV FIDMASH Consumer Conference is now over. Manufacturers are looking forward to the reliable feedback from the consumers of their products. Until the next – eleventh – live meeting it will be provided through the company’s website www.fidmash.by

There you will also find current offers and information about the new developments. We hope that they will become as popular and customary as coiled tubing units which were affectionately nicknamed by consumers as ‘10s’, ‘20s’ and ‘30s’ similarly to the way the legendary victorious tanks T-34 were called ‘34s’.

Analytical group, Coiled Tubing Times