History and Overview

FIDMASH brand is well known to everyone related to oil and gas service industry not only in Russia and CIS countries but also far away – at any place where oil and gas are produced.

FIDMASH Closed Joint-Stock Company was founded in 2001 as a specialized design and manufacturing company. Primary activity of the company is development and production of innovative products – unique oil and gas equipment, including coiled tubing equipment (units for well repair and laterals drilling with coiled tubing), fleets and separate components for hydraulic fracturing, cementing equipment, auxiliary equipment for well stimulation and directional drilling. The equipment produced by the company is based essentially on all-wheel drive off-road chassis.

NOV FIDMASH carries out full cycle of product development: design and pilot production, serial manufacturing, service and training of operating personnel.

All NOV FIDMASH products are the result of research and development work of the company’s design-engineering department.

For over 15 years of work more than 300 units of high-tech equipment have been developed, manufactured and commissioned, market outlets for manufactured products have broadened and new ones have appeared. At present, we continue to develop production of new types of equipment. The scope of hydraulic fracturing equipment is constantly enlarging due to various auxiliary units. We continue to modernize coiled tubing equipment.

In the end of 2005 National Oilwell Varco (NOV) corporation - the world's leader in production of oilfield equipment - became a shareholder of CJSC "FIDMASH".

At present more than 90% of products manufactured by the company are exported. Sales geography includes such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan. Products of NOV FIDMASH are successfully used by such world known oil and gas producing companies as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Lukoil, Gazprom, Rosneft, Surgutneftegaz, Tatneft, Bashneft, Ukrnafta, Ukrgazodobycha, Belorusneft, Turkmengaz, Turkmenneft, etc. It is important to note that the company produces almost complete range of high-tech equipment for efficient service business and guarantees precise interaction and high productivity for both separate units and whole fleets of equipment. This aspect is of major importance for national oil and gas services formed nowadays in many countries.

Servicing and technical support of products delivered by NOV FIDMASH are carried out on a 24/7 basis regardless of the year of the unit production, during both warranty and post-warranty period of the unit operation.

For today highly qualified experts of service department of NOV FIDMASH have considerable hands-on experience in maintenance of equipment produced by the company. We have implemented the system of distributing responsibilities among the experts of service department in relation to specific products from assembly and commissioning to implementation at the site of a user (training, start-up work, etc.). Thanks to that experts of service department who know the details of operation modes in a particular region can provide full and effective technical support practically on-line.

Nevertheless, service efficiency depends not only on high qualification of experts but also on technical assistance and constant support of users, from training to informing about the newest technical developments, which the manufacturer can apply for equipment manufactured earlier. An integrated storage facility for spare parts was built and is constantly kept operable. Presently we work in the direction of creation of a network of regional storage facilities.

The training system for users allows to familiarize new personnel with primary skills of operation of the equipment and to improve qualification of experienced personnel.

We developed and offer the program of equipment capital repair  and modernization which makes it possible for a user to get state of the art equipment complying with actual regulations and norms.

However, the most effective way of exchanging experience is direct communication. Therefore, every spring the company holds a customers’ conference with the aim to brief users on the latest technical developments, operating experience and NOV FIDMASH experts receive feedback on the issues of operating equipment in particular regions and suggestions on design and system improvements within the framework of service maintenance.

NOV FIDMASH creates and consolidates its corporate culture making the staff a team of like-minded experts. The company does its best to give both material and occupational satisfaction to its employees from their job. The company maintains atmosphere of cooperation, a creative approach towards personnel’s responsibilities, and each employee’s comprehension of the importance of personal contribution to final result. The company creates conditions for constant professional and personal development of each employee. Therefore NOV FIDMASH achieves its business goals, and its employees may be proud of prestigious job with a reliable company having good prospects of career progress. Favourable job climate, a package of social programmes, encouragement of healthy lifestyle – those are the main features of a company, where not only today but also tomorrow are taken into account.

NOV FIDMASH won several prestigious contests and was honored a rank of laureate. The company is a laureate of the contest “Best Manufacturer of 2006 in Minsk” in nomination “Best Exporter-Manufacturer”, a laureate of the republican contest “Best Manufacturer of 2006” in nomination “Best Exporter-Manufacturer”, the winner of the contest “Best Manufacturer of 2007 in Minsk” in the field of manufactured goods production, a laureate of the republican contest “Best Manufacturer of 2007” in nomination “Best Exporter-Manufacturer”, the winner of the contest “Best Manufacturer of 2008 in Minsk” in nomination “Best Exporter-Manufacturer”, a laureate of the republican contest “Best Manufacturer of 2008” in nomination “Best Exporter-Manufacturer”, a laureate of the contest “Best Products of the Republic of Belarus on the Market of the Russian Federation” within the framework of the program “100 Best Products of Russia”. CJSC "FIDMASH" has won the competition "Best exporter 2012" and "Best exporter 2013" in nomination "Machine Building and Metal Processing" established by Belorussion Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with Ministries and other state bodies. On 27th of June 2013 President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko approved of 64 companies to be presented on republican honor roll. CJSC "FIDMASH" has its place on this honor roll of the Republic of Belarus. Also, CJSC "FIDMASH" won 2nd place at Minsk Municipal Competition of HSE Organization in 2014 and 3rd place in 2016.