All equipment manufactured by the company is certified with characteristics being in conformance with international standards. About 40% of equipment manufactured is used by leading world service companies, such as Schlumberger, BakerHughes, Weatherford which are distinct for using only high-grade multifunctional equipment.

In 2002 it was decided to create a quality management system which would conform with international standards of ISO 9000 series. This task was fulfilled within the shortest time.

Since 2003 FIDMASH quality management system has been certified for conformity with the specifications of the international standard ISO 9001 in the Certification Association “Russian Register” and further on, beginning from 2006, in the Australian certification company SAI GLOBAL.

ISO9001 quality management system certificates are confirmed during annual inspections by certification authorities.

Due to market development and in accordance with customer requirements in 2010 the management decided to certify products for conformity with API (the American Petroleum Institute) specifications (A6, A16).

To fulfill this decision at the first stage we set a task to prepare and certify the quality management system at American Petroleum Institute.

In 2011 NOV FIDMASH successfully passed certification of quality management system by American Petroleum Institute for conformity with the following standards:

- API Specification Q1
- ISO 9001:2008

Specification ISO 9001 API
Specification Q1 API
Specification РР ISO 9001
Specification IQNet ISO 9001